Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Somebody stole my food

Isn’t it obvious? The title itself sounds so nasty. How could somebody do that? Well, you know, in the matter of fact, stealing is bad, it is sinful and of cause haram. Moreover if that person stole a food and then they eat it for life? Can you see it? To those who did this, can’t you see it? You eat something that is haram now. You are what you eat! Let’s go to the direct one, when you eat something that is haram, you actually make your body become a part of haram flesh. Imagine if it is half halal and half haram, what would it be like? Of cause it turns to the whole HARAM, hence the quote “kerana nila setitik, rosak sesusur belanga”. Then, how do you think Allah counts all the good deeds that you commit with that half haram body? Think twice weh (sarcastically).

I don’t get it why people doing this? I have heart; I’m okay if you stole my food because I have a lot of money to buy the other one (conditional). But imagine you’re in the state of great hunger, and you’re so eager to eat something that you had bought, and it suddenly lost in sight? Do not expect to say “Hey, Im okay with that. Poor that thief, maybe she needs to refill herself”, do you think I felt that? I don’t, dude. I feel so shocked, sympathy to that thief and I pray to Allah to make my heart sincere to put nawaitu to the food as sedekah.

To my own surprise, I don’t panic at all since this is the first time it happens to me. It just like my heart has expect this to happen, I take it as “tak ada rezeki”. But it is a lie if I claim that I don’t feel angry at all. I am human being. It is so hard to let somebody to this to you. It is so hard to make your heart sedekah it sincerely. It is so hard to let the thief go away. It is so hard to let it happen to you without knowing who the thief is. Until today, I’m questioning myself about “Am I sincere to niat it as sedekah?”. My mother advised me to do so, because she said I’ll gain reward (pahala) for that.

To this end, people should realize how old they are now. They really need to educate themselves with what is wrong and what is right. When you’ve reached 13 (at least) you should have managed to differentiate, you know. It is so simple. It is general knowledge. Things like stealing, cheating, backbiting are all generally and categorically bad. Takkan itu pun tak boleh fikir? The hands that steal later on speak up in the End of Day even though now people don’t know what you did. This is stated in the Quran, surah Fussilat, verse 20.

“At length, when they reach the Fire, their hearing, their sight, and their skins will bear witness against them, as to all their deeds.”

Therefore people, you are what you behave and the way you act, give picture to your brain’s quality.

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