Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's just finish this!

I want to finish all these really bad! I’m tired, lack of sleep, always running out of time and all that I can’t think of right now. I’m counting the days to go back. I got five quizzes in a row next week. Addicted to Justin Bieber’s, “I need somebody to love, I don’t need too much, just somebody to love”

I was thinking about my life after this. I am young, but I am not naïve. Sometimes I think too far. I can do kasyaf =) eheheh. The life there is tougher, harder, wider, miserable, controlled, limited, and all that. I’m not ready. My parents keep me asking about it. My relatives are happy for me. Thank you guys, I really love you and miss you guys badly. I’ll be back soon.

OK, next week I’ll present for the last presentation of Oral Comm. Yeah, can’t wait to finish all the assignment. I’m now in turbo mode. I’ll do it fast. I’ll sacrifice my energy and time. I’m serious. I’m so eager to finish all these! Stick-notes are everywhere to remind me. Including on my desktop. Allah, please give me the faith!

This post is just for fun, I mean, I just want to refresh my mind, make it awake before I start my work back. Tonight, no, this morning, I’ll go to laundry at 4. Got pile of unwashed clothes! When I go back for raya, I think, I want to leave my laptop, not going to bring it back here. Ala, Atirah don’t need laptop, Atirah must read those books and handouts, you got only one week left for the examination. So, focus!

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