Saturday, August 14, 2010

How you see the world...

Another day begins with a very modest morning. The world spins making the semester almost coming to an end. Gosh, how I feel like going home!!! I can’t wait anymore; I don’t have heart every day I go to class ever since the fasting month started. I don’t know why. Please Allah, help me. Life in Nilai is quite dull, maybe it is my fault that I didn’t travel anywhere. I can’t tolerate with the technology in KL, and the people, my god, they’re ‘awesome’. Although the government had provided the ladies’ coach in the commuter, I still hate public transports. KL Sentral… Gosh, it’s so crowded. Inside the commuter, people are standing, sometimes they talked like they have not met for 10 years, some of them coughed and sneezed. Based on my own observation, I’d say this is the reason for crimes, harassment and diseases.

Perlis, road to Padang Besar.  This is what I call - peace.

After my first try on blogging, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful blogs with very attractive, meaningful and brilliant writings from other blogger from the younger to the older ones. I read everything that they wrote. Some of them studying in the overseas, some of them lived in Malaysia, some of them are mixed- blood, some pure Asians, some are healthy and some had suffered and are suffering from disease and disability. What a life! I spent almost four hours reading their blog. Awesome! They made me glued to their entries and how I wonder about their talents in writing. Beautiful people!

Actually I have a pile of works here, but I’m still not doing any. I have term paper, CCT assignment and portfolios. Why am I so lazy? Its 4am in here now, I can’t sleep. And I don’t feel sleepy at all. Now, I’m the only one who takes sahur early in the morning. Yes I am alone in this silent study room. I’ve outlined my term paper for one paragraph, planning to continue writing it. Then, I’ll type it in. Print out. Submit. It sounds easy. =)

When I met these few blogger who are studying in overseas (mostly), it makes me think about furthering studies abroad. Do I have the opportunity? I you ask me, I strongly believe that, everybody wants to go abroad. Who doesn’t? It would be a great experience. You can widen you knowledge, meet new people, learn about their culture, study their language,see creatures there and thank Allah for it. I wish I have that chance. I’ll fight for it. Speaking about overseas studies takes me to think about JPA. Hmm, I can’t think! *brain paralyzed*

I really want to go to United Kingdom. So people, if you are given the opportunity to study in the world out there, where would it be? Australia? Korea? Egypt? Come on, share with me.

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