Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mentally depressed

It’s the first entry in 2015. I’m so sorry blog. I neglected you. Woah, my blog is so dusty like the snow pouring down in Beijing. Nothing you could see from the ground you stand, but the dust! I’m still sane thank you very much.

Lately, I’ve been so depressed. So painful. So sad. W H Y ? 
1. I’m jobless
2. I leave the campus, my 2nd home *graduate
3. My cat died, too soon, he’s 6 months old. *I cried 4 days and 4 nights **still crying alone when I miss him

Please give me a job here in Kedah. I am sending the resume to PPD soon, I hope they will return me a call. Insya Allah. I want to say sorry to those I’ve hurt all years since 2009. Please forgive me. I was naïve and emotional. It was kind of my fault. I’ve said sorry, I’ve done my part, so please, please do yours.

My azam for 2015: I want to read as many as I can.