Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are you with me?

Look at the clock now. I have not yet go to bed since 30th’s 10am. It’s like 23 hours I’ve been awake. I can’t sleep. I think my sleeping pattern has run off tracks. What can I do about it? I didn’t take coffee. I think my parents would be angry if they know this. I can’t help it. Actually, there are a lot of things you can do if you don’t go to sleep =)

I feel bad lately. I’m so lazy to go to class. This is the last week. So, there’s no point of going, right? Do you feel the same? Hehe. What I ate for my iftar? I only ate 3 buns of chocolate bread. That is all. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m in rush to go to Grammar’s class. Yes. It’s wet. I mean, due to the rain of cause.

Alhamdulillah I’ve finished all four presentations for Oral Comm. I’m deadly scare about all the carry marks. Gosh, I am restless. I will have two quizzes this Thursday. I should have throw punches on books now. Everybody’s going back home on the 3rd, but I’ll leave on the 7th. I’m a bit jealous.

Recently, I am addicted to Arabic’s songs. They’re nice. Lebanese women are so pretty. They got smoky eyes and beautiful body posture. They’re so lucky. Plus, they’re so lucky for being able to speak Arabics, the Quranic language.

I ate a very decent meal for sahur today. See, it is very simple; those are, potato bread, a mug of milo and nips. That’s what I ate for my sahur everyday, sometimes I took milk, not milo.

Syawal is just around the corner. I think I want to fast for six days in syawal, you know, “puasa enam”. I’ve never done it before. Insya Allah, I want to try it this year. Are you with me? =)

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