Friday, August 20, 2010


Im so busy these few days, doing printing job, prepare for presentations, quizzes, outlining the term paper that have not move to 3rd paragraph yet, looking for the CCT assignment’s sources, and everything comes in seconds!

Now, I think I have insomnia. I didn't take coffee but I can't sleep.I can’t sleep in the night, but I feel dead sleepy in the broad day light. Is that insomnia? I don’t really know about it. I can’t let myself sleep in the day, if not I’ll skip lots of classes, I don’t want to get barred, not even the warning letter.

With sahur thing, sometimes I take sahur alone in the middle of the night in front of my laptop, most of the times, I had my sahur earlier than my roommates. Just a sachet of cereal, milk and a spoonful of jus tok guru for my sahur, sometimes I add bread. I don’t really take kurma this Ramadhan. I don’t know why.

Bus to go back for raya is a head-ache as well. I’ll be off to Kedah this 7th September, but my cuti start on the 3rd. Pity huh? I am stuck in here for 4 days and of cause I care about it! I have to come back here on the 18th, whereas my exam starts on 22nd. I want to stay home longer can’t I? Just 11 days..? That isn’t sufficient.

Can I dance now? I’m so stress. I want to lose some weight, but I have a lot of work to finish and the gym closed in the weekend, so no chance of going there. Busy is the word. Sometimes I even forgot to niat for next puasa. Atirah memang!

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