Monday, August 16, 2010

Would you like some coffee?

In the last seven weeks earlier, I drank about two mugs of coffee a day and I still doing it today. It is like a habit now. A bad habit. I did this to stay up for my study revision and sometimes I have quizzes and notes to update. When I was about to drink the coffee, I expressed my worry to my roommate and I complained about it. Before this, I heard a lot of side effects of drinking coffee. Yet nowadays, young people love to drink coffee a lot. Yes, they don’t realize it. Look around you, you’ll see one or two.

To begin with, coffee or Kahawa is a powder made by roasting and grinding seeds of a tree known as Coffee Arabica. It tastes like burnt cereal. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, if you want to know. So that brings me to this topic. After I’ve done with some research, I think I could share something with you about the truth of the rumors regarding drinking coffee. But, I’m not going to be very scientific. I’m going to touch on things which you never thought about it. I know, you don’t like lengthy article =)

Guys!!! Coffee drinking badly affects the skin, it actually making it dark and rough. Dry skin is more prone for developing stretch marks because it has a dehydrating effect. Caffeine is a diuretic (causes the body to eliminate water through urinating) which may contribute to dehydration. Did you realize, after drinking a cup of coffee you tend to go to pee? That’s what I’m talking about.

I tell you what, caffeine affects the central nervous system, our brain. Caffeine is defined as a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system. At lower levels, caffeine can make people feel more alert and feel like they have more energy. Caffeine really enhance mental performance, it gives the temporary boost to brain cells. But the amount required to improve mental performance is not that high. Half cup of coffee will be sufficient! Not everyone’s central nervous system react the same to caffeine. Some people experience greater mental clarity and alertness after a cup of coffee. Others become nervous, anxious or depressed. Caffeine will keep most of us awake if taken at night, but can cause insomnia if you drink it late in the night because you train your brain to not to go to bed yet!

Do not get it all wrong. Coffee has a heavenly taste and one drink is not going to result in addiction or obesity. You can try to reduce the amount of coffee that we drink in a day. Substitute to green tea if you can, this is because it has less caffeine content. Do a few stretches, walk around a bit or jump up and jump down at a time, take some deep breaths, if in Malaysia, you have that “sabun tahan mengantuk”. Try it out. Well, it is important to remain conscious of moderation with all foods and drinks. You don’t have to get addict to green tea now. Are you with me? OK, that’s all. Till ideas cross in mind, I’ll write soon.

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