Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the blogging starts...

Assalamualaikum. Yes, I’ve created a blog. Thanks to blogspot.com and my own motives.

First of all, I am still considering which language I should use for my blogging whether it is Malay or English. I might use Malay because I’m not that full-of-vocabulary type of person, and I might also use English, because that is my Major, it would be a shame if I don’t do that. Besides, I could improve much of my skills from writing in English isn’t it? So, I have not come to the conclusion yet. It is quite hard to decide, it’s all about not to be biased. I don’t want to look like somebody who has forgot it own roots, or not even to look like somebody who tries to be sophisticated from writing the blog on. Yet I also want to have some improvement. See? Isn’t complicated to think?

Second of all, the “You Have No Faith” name. Do you think it’s familiar? Who loves watching Supernatural? Well, yes. There is significance from Supernatural and “You have no faith” quote. “You have no faith” is the sentence that uttered by Castiel, the Angel, in Supernatural season four, episode two to be precise. It actually sounds like this if I paraphrase it;

Dean: Who are you?
Castiel: I’m Castiel.
Dean: Yea I know, I mean what are you?
Castiel: (pause) I’m the Angel of the Lord.
Dean: What? You, some kind of angel?
Castiel: See? The problem with you Dean, you have no faith. (thunders raising, he shows his real figure, shadows forming)
Dean: (eyes wonder, looking at shadow of Cass’s wings filling the atmosphere)

Last but not least, I decided to write blog because of few reasons. I enjoy reading other’s blog and these few days something interesting happened rapidly and continuously. So why not if I documented these into a blog page? Yes I do need help from the expert who has been in the blogging world to help me decorating. If you’re new with my writings, please comment anything you like, I’ll take it as suggestions. I’ll be writing according to these three labels; informative, tazkirah and story of my life, and maybe beyond those. Ok. Till moon kisses the sky, till fingers meet keypads.

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  1. See? I have done that silly grammatical error if you noticed.