Monday, December 20, 2010

Pre - marriage course

Me: Ey, isn’t it insane to ask people like us to go to the pre – marriage course? We’re still young and we don’t need that yet.

Friend: I got your points mate. It’s quite embarrassing to go now - with this age.

Senior: You better go now.

Me: What for???!

Friend: Yea, it’s embarrassing!

Me: What would others think? They might say “Oh God, they don’t belong here, this is not for them”. And  of course I don't want to hear that.

Senior: Why is it embarrassing? It is good. If you go now, the price is a bit cheaper. If you wait longer, the price will increase. What is the payment for now?

Us: RM45.00

Senior: See? During my time, last two years, it was only RM25. Go now. You will not lose anything. 

Me: No. Not now. I feel so shy to sit there and join the adults. 

Senior: Then, when will you go? After you find your husband?

Me: Yea, that would be better.

Friend: At least, we’re qualified enough to join the course. 

Senior: It would be very embarrassing to go with your partner. Can you imagine? Sit there together, watch the show together and listen to the same thing together? Isn’t it embarrassing? Gosh, you can’t handle it, believe me!

Me: Hmm. That’s quite true. 

Us: (after imagining it) Gosh??????!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!!!

Me: But…no way. Not now! I won’t go now. I’ll wait until 20’s alright. I’m not yet 20. I just feel something is not right for me to join it now.

Actually, I don’t really know what it is about the pre – marriage course. What is the content, what would they discuss about, what will they show and all that. I don’t doubt my curiosity. I think I know some. But I am a bit shy to ask my senior about the real content. Seriously. I can’t handle what might the answers be. So the thing is, this is not really important right? We will attend it when we feel like going to. My cousin also suggests me to go now, because she said, I can boast around to the adults that I just join the course for nothing. Ala, saja je pergi seronok – seronok. I kinda like the idea. Ekekekeke.

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