Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is madness

This is madness. I bought RM1++.90 brand new boot to wear in main campus. Ya Allah, I know, it such a waste to buy it that expensive. But I couldn’t think. I really want it since last year. Yet, I love boots so much. I adored people who wear boots. But it’s not really fit for muslimah. People wear boots when they are in skirt, just to emphasize their legs in the boots. High boots are not for baju kurung. Ankle boots probably make sense. So my new boot is an ankle boot.

Then we went to Padang Besar, and I bought that RM2 thing. I feel like turning to little girl a little bit. So yes, I bought that thing. And I play it with my cats. They loved it. They keep trying to catch the bubbles.
 Road to Padang Besar - across Ladang Pokok Getah
This is the thing that makes bubbles

It is always like this when I’m in the verge of returning to campus after the break. I will become half – crazy and I’ll do stupid things. Like screaming to my cats or being emotional with computer games. I don’t know why. My mum noticed these. She told me before.

I’m not ready to go to the main campus but I also can’t wait to go there. I want to go there but at the same time I am afraid. Dude, we’re going to further to degree man, this is a serious thing! We have to pay attention, no more fun times. And yes, I’m getting old. Why can’t I stay 18?

God! Atirah is driving herself crazy =)


  1. salam..beb..i wanna be hpe that u can accept what ever i want to u??????


    1) i feel sooooo...dissapointed..not because about the price..but the boot...i mean.. fuh...its hard to say..but..kasut tu..biasa..yes i know u LOVE boot...but..boot tu terlalu biasa...TERLALU...mcm x berbaloi dgn harga dia...ada boot yg lagi cntik dn harga i..boot tu...erm..its k...mungkin dia guna kulit asli..tu yg mahal..k...

    2)dont angry with me..because that was what i thought when i saw that boot...beside...kita kalu dh minat sesuatu..apa pon kita snggup..mcm u./..dh lama u nk boot..skrung bru happy for u

    3) serius..jgn marah..plesssss...i rasa i ckp terlalu jujur n agak kejam..sorii yer...

    4) sorry again...

  2. Dude, relax!!! Relax... i appreciate whatever you said to me.. yelah, benda tu tak semua orang suka.. i know.. i berkenan mcm tu, u berkenan macam lain.. so maybe that differs it.. hehehe I chose that kinda boot sebab nak pakai pergi kuliah la. Tahu je ada boot yang fancy2 tapi mcm tak sesuai nak pi kuliah jer.. Takut lebih dari lecturer la pulak.. i tak nak orang dengki2 ekekeke

  3. ya...i know...soryy ya..heheh....hmm....but y..i like fancy on...hehehhe

  4. Dont be sorry.. takda apa pun.. =)