Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scream until we lose control and run away

Actually I now have no idea what to write here today. I’ll be off to KL for MEdSI Test. Yes, I don’t even know what that is. They said it’s an IQ test. Some said that it is a collection of Form 5 questions. The test consists of 300 questions with four sections. You have to answer it in one hour duration. Yes, I know. You will never make it. We only have 12 seconds for every question. Do not turn back, no time for checking. Just circle the answer and move on.

I don’t make any preparation for this. I don’t know how. I’m in Kedah. They ordered me to sit for the test this Friday. They inform me about this on 8th. Yes, I am not prepared. And I am so rush. Print out the form, the slip, the email, bank in the money, yes its stupid! Some roads are closed due to the flood. Man, what are you thinking you’re doing? My mom and dad are working. They need their car. I have to wait for them to return home first. I am scare to ride the motorbike to Alor Setar alone. Just, what to do. It needs to be pushed. Time won’t wait.

Pre – reg is a scene. I don’t know that we can register at 12am. I thought it starts at 5pm onward this 11th, as usual! See, now there are no more vacancies for this and that. I don’t know what to do. We’re going to KL this afternoon. I don’t know that I can register it or not.

P/S: Habis aku kena heret laptop broadband semua tu pi KL buka internet dalam kereta memang nak bagi aku muntah! Menyusah betul.


  1. so, how ur intview? assobrul jameel..smga d prmudahkn urusan2 nyee...