Monday, October 4, 2010


Sometimes my life is really unpredictable. I think everyone’s life is the same. When we can’t predict what will happen, things that we scare of always come and leave scars in our hearts. Well, last night I signed in my facebook account and do some comment feedbacks, and then he popped out from the chat. He asked me about few bands, this and that. Suddenly he informed me about this one new band and he wanted me to promote it all over the internet. I said I will try. And I already did some.

He told me the new band had started forming since last year, and this band had been doing some performance in few gigs before. The band is McFeel. There are four members stand in the band and they all are young. They are my juniors! They live in the same town I’m in. They already introduced themselves with the first single Defamation. You should listen, its not that bad. You can listen to it via myspace. Just click the link here:

And he never satisfied from asking a lot, so he asked, no. He ‘proposed’ me to be the song writer for that band. Can you believe it? I was like “what??”, I thought he is like totally make fun of it. He said he is serious. I told him I can’t do it. I’m not talented. That isn’t my field. I just listened to those songs but I never learn to write anything for my own version. I asked him to look for another guy who really has heart to do this. He said he will. He was like begging from me to do this. I didn’t promise, but I said I will try.

I hope he doesn't know I put this in

So here’s the thing. I am not talented. But you trust me, you said I can do it. I never ask for it. I’m scare. I don’t know how. Look… its hard dude. I told my mum about this, and she smiled. I sincerely don’t know why that is. Yes, I know and listen to The Click Five, Tokio Hotel, Paramore, Adam Lambert, Sum 41, Boys Like Girls, MCR but I don’t understand how to create a lyric using their influences. You should leave more detail in that. I will try it out. I will just try it out don’t give too much hope in me. I’m begging you.


  1. TIRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u driving me crazy.......................
    u r song's writer????!!!!!???????
    n GIGI ada band???
    zulfahmi fadzil a.k.a GG???????
    ada band???
    WHAT THE FISH......

    sory...i cant stop laughing......

    i sound like funnyy.....
    hmkmmm.....huh....take breath...(like yoga)

    so...whats up????????????

  2. dude? why are u so suprise? rilex arrr...
    and why are laughing? what so funny?

    this is just a new band.. n got nothing serius yet.
    Fahmi Fadzil? NO, this is not his band.