Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wise sayings

Situation 1 

Keith: Why Muslim women have to wear hijab? They don’t look nicer. They are prettier without it.
Daud: (Thinks for a few seconds) Watch this. 
(He takes out two candies and unwrap one of it. He throws down the unwrapped candy and the wrapped candy on the ground that is covered with sands. )
Then he asks the man,
Daud: Which would you rather eat?
Keith: (He bent down and takes the wrapped candy) Of cause this one. This is clean!
Daud: That is similar with our women wise man. They are not supposed to be like the “unwrapped candies”.
Keith: *how beautiful the answer is, it is so true yet relevant*
*Daud and Keith here don't represent anybody, I just 'invented' them.*

Situation 2

British man: Why can’t we shake hands with the women?
Sheikh: Can you shake hands with Queen Elizabeth?
British: Of cause not! It is not for everybody.
Sheikh: Same with the women, they are our queens. They do not shake hand with strange men (ajnabi)

Why don't cover your head pretty ladies? Are you not thinking something when you read these? Take times then. These are the stories I heard tonight, in Linguistics Class! I’m so delightful hearing these!! Don’t you feel the same people???

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