Monday, March 21, 2011

British accent anyone?

Don’t you love British accent? Oh my gosh, do ask me, I love it so much! It is so sexy. Justin Bieber said that. I just watched Prince of Persia. The actor is actually an American, but he spoke with British accent in that movie. I was wondering “Isn’t he American? How did he get this accent?”. At first, I thought this accent is exclusively for the British. Seriously, I didn’t know that, there are even British accent’s trainers out there that are willing to teach us talking like a British.

So, this actor might be taking classes for learning British accent with specific teacher. I don’t know, I just guess. Actually, there are a lot of people who did this. For instance, Justin Bieber. He learns this accent because he is meeting his fans in UK. A lot of American actors and actresses learn it for their movies and plays. I don’t know why they need it in certain movies.

I like British accent actually. Seriously. I want to have it. One of my lecturers has this. It is so amazing and inspiring. I love to listen to her speaking and I will mimic it later. I am secretly learning it haha. It is hard. I don’t know. Maybe I don’t have the talent to do this. I sometimes mimic Harry Potter’s accents, and I sound like overdoing it. It’s hard. I really want it so bad. It just not my day. I need to have more practices.

You can look up for videos in the youtube for British accent examples. I did dig some. The videos could be helpful.

From what I know, British accent has some differences in pronunciation.
  • Pronounce “U” in ‘stupid’ and in ‘duty’ with the ‘ew’ sound. It is pronounced ‘stewpid’ not ‘stoopid’, got that alright.
  • Pronounce the T in "duty" as ‘tee’, not as the American, they pronounced ‘doody’ so that duty is pronounced ‘dewty’ in British accent.
  • Sometimes Ts aren't pronounced at all, especially in words with two Ts grouped together. So ‘battle’ might be pronounced ‘ba-ill’. This sound like you are lazy to speak.
  • British accent drops ‘r’ sound. For example “car”. And many other, I don’t really know now.

Yeah, if you want to know more, go google it up! I can only tell you these, not more, I am still learning.

p/s: I don't like Jake Gyllenhaal before this, but when he speaks with British accent, it makes him sexy. And I apparently like him. My bad. 

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