Sunday, March 6, 2011

The lost of Adab

Their behaviours nowadays are getting worse. Don’t tell me that you never noticed? They are Muslims but they lived like none. They need to be advised. How to do it? Everybody will get angry if one tries to correct them. It never is easy to preach. It needs patience. But who to be blame first and foremost? Is it the parents? Or the education system? Or us? My answer is everybody - every one of us, if you ask me. Including myself.

But what I learned in my class last week, it is the education system to be blame. Why is that? He said the national philosophy of education does not match the aims of education. It has the aims but the efforts do not seem to be working. They don’t really put it to make it happen. I would like to say the fault goes to the philosophy, not the educational system.

The efforts planning of our government in the education’s philosophy is to produce holistic individuals. I can see that schools around KL have female students that do not wear hijab but they are Muslims. This should not be happen if our government wants to develop holistic individuals. We must tell them to cover their aurah. The school principle should educate their students about what is wrong and what is right in Islam. It is very basic for the Muslims to know about their aurah. Is it not right?

It will lead to the rise of the unqualified leader when these things happened right in the school. There’s a lot more to tell here okay. They dumped babies, they had sex before the marriage, they forgot their religion, they drink alcohol, and they took drugs. The next generation will ruin our country, nauzubillah. Gosh this is scary! We need a leader that is willing to protect our country from any misery.

When humans make mistakes worse and worst, it is actually the sign of the last day, right? I bet everybody knows this very undeniable fact. Aren’t you scared? Of cause dude! So can we delay the day by helping those people to behave well? Can you tell me the answer? Does anybody know? I need to know this, seriously.
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  1. best.. best tirahhh teringin nk speaking bile bce post tirah nii

  2. alaaaaa, diejah pun dah pandai speaking skrg nii hehehe boleh je, where there's a will, there's a way =D