Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Alright, today I’ll be talking about… I want you to guess it. Can you guess it now? Guess,

Alright, alright. Today I want to share a bit about “guest”, you know what I mean. Guest or the plural, guests. They could be your cousins, uncles, aunts or friend or perhaps friends to your parents that come to your house at any times whether they are invited or not.

In Islam, we are supposed to/ ought to welcome, to give our warmest arms to our guest that come and visit our homes . In short, it is actually wajib. When we welcomed the guests to our house, it is almost like we had opened the door of rahmah to our homes itself. The more guests we have, the more rezeki we get.

"Apabila masuk tetamu pada satu keluarga (rumah), maka dimurahkan Allah rezeki keluarga itu, dan apabila tetamu itu keluar, maka Allah mengampuni dosa-dosa keluarga itu." [HR. Dailami dan Anas]

‘Home’ here means anywhere you live at the moment. It does not matter if it is a room in a hospital or in a hotel. Toilet or bedroom is not one of the meanings to my topic here. I’m being relevant about this. Let say, if a guest comes to visit a patient, in a room at a hospital or at a house, you, as the owner/landlord/guardian/patron/ma’am to the place you lived, should welcome the guest to your place. Don’t chase them out even if you think it is not a good time to have a visitor.

"Sesungguhnya apabila tetamu masuk ke rumah orang mukmin, maka Allah limpahkan 1000 berkah dan 1000 rahmat pada ahli rumah tersebut." [Durratun Nasihin, hal 22]

When I was small, couldn’t remember how old I was. We, the whole family went to our so-called-relatives’ house..I think so. I’m not sure either. I remember one time, when I had finished my meal they prepared. I walked to the sink and I noticed a paper on the wall saying “ Sila basuh pinggan – pinggan selepas menggunakannya. Harap maklum.” I was like, “wow, this is weird” but I don’t mind to wash my own dishes that time, I don’t think a crap about it.

But then, when I grew older, and started to think of the humanity in welcoming the guest to our house. Is it really a good manner to show to the guest? How would you feel when somebody does this right to your face?

Seriously, I won’t let my guests wash the dishes after they finish their meals. I know sometimes they want to help and being polite, but I rather not let them come to the kitchen to help. But if they insist, I’ll let them.

Man, you have no idea how old that memory was. But Allah made me remember it until now. And I come to think that, it was not an accident. It was planned by the owner/landlord/guardian/patron/ma’am of the place we visited. Maybe they received too many visitors at one time, and they have wrinkly hands after washing so many dishes. Perhaps.

EDITED: Maybe that notice paper was meant for their children, NOT US =D

Alright, I admit this. Sometimes I do feel like “this is not a good time to have visitors”, but knowing this knowledge, made me welcome everybody to my house. I tried to be sincere and I will do my best to find it. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feeling. I want rahmah. I know Allah is observing me at all time.

Now, lessons of the story/topic are:

  1. Do welcome your guests to your place
  2. Greet and give salaam
  3. Invite them in
  4. Prepare them some foods or rooms, whatever possible
  5. Smile, be sincere and don’t hurt their feeling
Later on, Allah will welcome you to his Paradise insya Allah.
The dwarfs are already inside =p
 "Barang siapa memberi makan terhadap saudaranya sesama muslim yang sesuai dengan keinginannya, maka Allah mengharamkan dia dari api neraka." [HR. Hakim]

I really am, thankful to the people (anybody) that prepared us foods when we visited their residences. May Allah provide you more rezeki in future. Insya Allah.

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