Friday, February 11, 2011

Work well alone?

Do you think that you work well alone? If you think so, means that you are an introvert. I have to say this. I’m not an expert, but I think this is true. I, myself think that working alone is the best, but I am okay if I have a very comfortable partner or group member to work with. I have difficulties in working in a group. Please, don’t attack me because of this statement. This is my personal view. I am an introvert, I hate to be in a crowded place such as pasar malam, and I hate to have discussions because I am a slow learner. I think I can’t work well together because:

  • I need my own sweet time in doing all those assessments
  • I have to give spaces and air to my brain before it is working
  • I want to give opinions but I am scare of being ignored
  • I want to contribute more but I am scare of being called “over-reacted”
  • I want to learn better but I think I am the slowest one in that group
  • I hate to be pushed when the time is running out
  • I want to make myself better with my own motivation not from others
  • I appreciate my own creativity, my own words and my own abilities
  • I feel so shy to talk and to share and to mingle and to socialize bla bla bla 

An introvert person always has some things to say but always they keep it on their own. As for myself, I do talk to the wind and the cats. In my mind, I think a lot about stuffs that most people probably don’t care, like, marriage, money, wealth, secret admirer, dirty politics, love and all that. I sometimes pretend talking to the phone but there was nobody on the phone. Sometimes I call myself crazy. I love to walk alone, go here and there. Look at other people around me and judge them. Yes, I think I am introvert. If you do this, it means you are just like me, you’re an introvert person. And yes, introverts are not arrogant. They’re just being shy.

I used to be an extrovert person but not anymore now. I think it is good to be introvert because you can count on yourself. You can build your own creativity. You work well alone. You are independent. You thrive in unique situations on your own. You're a reliable expert at assimilating information as you gather complex information and filter it through your experiences and knowledge. You're good at building deep connections with people by listening, understanding, and appearing calm. These traits make you good at writing and psychology. But, confidence is not easy to exist in people like us. You have to build it by socializing maybe. I don’t know, I think have no problem with my confidence. So yeah, we’re not aliens. We can create an introvert’s club maybe HAHAHAHA!


  1. nice entry..I love it.
    introvert???? i think i am.....