Friday, February 4, 2011

We need English language

Learning English is obviously will help you in future. This is not about being bias to Malay language. Malay is still our priority as a Malaysian, but English will bring you further in any country you are dealing with. This is a fact. The Malay language itself is not recognize to the world outside Malaysia yet. Malay language cannot stand alone to exist in this world. The term has to be combined as Malay-Indonesian to be recognized in other parts in the world. This is what we need to change.

We cannot share the names and fames with the Indonesian, we have to build it ourselves. Yes I am being racist here in this condition. I mean, we have to make Malay language become well-know without sharing any qualities of others. Not as Malay-Indonesian, but just Malay language itself. I am telling you this to make you realize that we can use English to make Malay language become well-known. Many people would think that this is not going to be easy but I would say that it is not impossible.

We can use English language to negotiate and penetrate their City Hall and start to make Malay language recognizable little by little. English can be very useful if you know how to use it well. It brings money as well. We can make business using English, we can interact with other people to buy our products and we as Muslims can even try to spread dakwah throughout the whole world. We can make the world a better place. We can lead the world in good and fair manner. We can burn those fake Qurans with twisted translation. We can detect the fake hadiths written in English. We can do many things if we have English in our hands. It is easy when you yourselves want it. When there is a will, there is a way. Believe me, English will help you in one fine day. You learn it and you will not lose anything.

Learning is also an ibadah, you will be rewarded. I realized that learning process will never be easy. This is also a fact. But we have to do this in order to stop ourselves from being blind-folded by the damned people out there, sorry. They are always try to pick a fight among us the Malay and of cause the Muslim, and we need knowledge of language in order to discuss, explain and preach to them. This is an honorable thing to do. To put this to an end, English as our white elephant and it is about nothing ventured nothing gained. If one day you are happen to be dealing with an English surgeon or English tutor or English life-partner, what language will you use? While you are still young, why not you just make hay while the sun shines? Take this opportunity and lose nothing. I am very revolutionary tonight sebab banyak sangat la Melayu tak suka English. What is your reason now? 


  1. athirahhhh ana uayyid wa ana maaki.. :)
    allughatul injeliziah muhimmah jiddan sawak billughah arabiahh..