Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I just need to be unwind in my time-machine

Final exam's coming - Wish me luck =p

Assalamualaikum. Yes... I’ve been busy these days. I’m so tired and got so little time to sleep. Dark circles appearing under my eyes and people are noticing it! They keep asking ‘why looking so pale, are you sick?’. I’m fine, I just don’t have enough time to sleep. Chill, I’ve been doing this like so many times okay =)

We’re so near to the end of the semester now. I got one month left to struggle and catch up and catch up and catching up things. I feel like there’s nothing in my head. I don’t know what I’ve been learning for all this time. Atirah ni memang teruk.We're you sleeping in your class???

I got many assignments to be submitted this week and next week. I’ve done everything in time but I don’t have printer in my room, I feel like everything is so expensive. I even practice to do last minute printing now. I’m not a good example. I know it's not good. But, yeah. It just happened. It makes me feel like there’s a clash/conflict in myself…you know, man versus self conflict?

By the way, if these weren't for the last minute/submission/evaluation/carry marks, nothing would get done. Alright, you know what's good for youself. I'll write more soon, thanks for dropping by.

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