Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello? You don't know which is left and right?

So, now I got one interesting thing to share here. Before this, I never know anything about being left-handed has got to do with certain mental disabilities. Thanks to the previous in-class presentation. Do you know what kind of disability that most left-handers have?

There have been so many issues regarding left-handed people. Some said that people with left-handed cannot do mathematics well, but then they said, these lefties are good with music. You probably just don’t care about this.

I do care a lot. I don’t know why, I myself, is kidal. I think being kidal is special. There are so many famous left – handed people, even one famous blogger I know. One of them is Barrack Obama. Not to mention, HRH Prince William too =)

OK the interesting part that I want to share right in this post is, these left-handers are always confuse in differentiating left and right. THIS IS THEIR MENTAL DISABILITY. That’s weird right?

Did you know that being difficult to differentiate left and right is one of the symptoms to Dyscalculia? OK. Dyscalculia is one kind of brain disability. Most people with dyscalculia do counting badly, they can’t read analog clocks, they hate numbers, they find using calculators to count is harder, they’re hard to be punctual and so on so forth. You got to read those symptoms somewhere else on your own.

I am quite slow with numbers, I admit that. I have plenty of hard times in differentiating left and right. But, I CAN READ ANALOG CLOCKS. I like using calculators. So, do I have dyscalculia? The answer is NO.

Why? This is because, it happens to most left-handers. No other answers to that.
So, that is it. Silly me. I think it is interesting to share. Maybe someone will feel like “really?!?!?” as I am, now. Alright, that’s all. Thanks for dropping by. I’ll write more soon, insya Allah. Assalaamulaikum. Take care.

N/B: I’m going back home this Thursday for Eiduladha, but I have assignments and presentations which supposed to be submitted on the day after the mid-break. I hate the fact that I have to carry reference books back home. GOSH, this is irritating. Who call this holiday?

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