Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just don't 'use' me

The word ‘ask for help’, ‘want your help’ can be changed with ‘using you’.

They want your help.
They are using you. 

Can I ask you to buy a burger for me?
Can I use you to buy a burger for me?

Can I ask you to bring me the lunchbox?
Can I use you to bring me the lunchbox?

See? It happens to anyone until at certain point you realized that it is not about helping anymore, it becomes something else and it gets on your nerves.

Maybe once or twice, it will be a pleasure for you, but the next time people ask you for help, you won’t feel the same anymore. You started thinking that people are using you, because to them you’re very nice and too polite to say no. Sounds like you? It shouldn’t be.

How to avoid that feeling? Be sincere. And do everything for the sake of Allah. If you do this, your anger will not come, your sincerity will embrace you, your humbleness will begin to show, your ‘sacrifice’ will be the reason for you to enter Jannah. All this can be the reason for you to be qualified enough to enter Jannah.

If you do this, let’s just think that one day Allah will reward you for what you did. You help people, (although you think differently), Allah will surely help you back.

Yes, I am talking to myself and talking to the world reading this. PREACH!

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