Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don't sleep too much if you don't need it

Students get tired a lot right? I met so many people that sleep after attending classes. They will say “Arrhhhh nak balik tidur lah” for so many times. They’ll just return to their rooms and go to bed without even taking lunch.

To be truth, I am preventing myself from sleeping too much this semester. I hate fluffy face. So, that’s my reason.

Got online today, in the library, I typed “is too much sleep harmful” in the search engine. And I read, read and read site by sites. Then I got shocked, mumbled alone, freaked out like crazy. I was like “this can’t be serious??!!”

Now let me tell you. Please allow me to spread the knowledge. If any of you wake up tired after sleeping for 8 hours or longer, more sleep is NOT what you need. Unless if you're stress or suffering diabetes.

In fact excessive sleep is actually another form of insomnia. Yes it is, because you're not achieving the right kind of rest. This is why you find it so heavy to get up, or sometimes you have problems with sleepiness during the day.

Oversleeping once in a while doesn't present serious health risks, those experts/researchers say.

But if you habitually sleep excessively, it could be the result of an underlying health problem. And it could be CUTTING into your life span. Does that come to your senses?

And ultimately, researchers warn, getting the WRONG amount of sleep increases mental and physical decline and can even lead to early death. (Well I'd say, death is in the hands of God)

Getting too much sleep, meaning, more than 8 hours a night, also appears to be linked to SPEEDING the brain’s aging process. This might be a problem if you are a STUDENT and YOUNG.

Why so many uppercased words here? I’m not shouting, I’m emphasizing it. You probably don’t care about this, because you enjoy your sleep so much. But I just, find it a bit shocking. Some will say don’t trust everything from the internet. But I think this is true.

They said too little sleep and too much sleep, are both harmful. Go read more to your heart’s content. And think twice. Wassalam.
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p/s: Sleeping after Asar is very'll make you crazy, literally.

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