Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lady of destruction

I know this one lady named Edel
She came here and read until she get swell
She always claimed that she’s an unknown
And keep refer herself as best known
Unfortunately, I know her all too well

This lady I’m talking about named Edel
Who always being perfect before I could tell
Back then she was so nice
We were all fooled by her spice
Luckily, we’re awake with the words of non-fuel

Before this tricky lady walk into my life
I thought she’s the best for the one who needed a wife
Now she’s making us extinct
Wonder why people still couldn’t think
She’s actually a fake doll with a tongue of a penknife

p/s: This is a Limerick poem. I wrote this myself. Limericks are commonly known as funny poems. But I just don't know how to make it funnier. Personally, I think it is funny =)

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