Sunday, July 3, 2011

We found this

So here’s the story. One raining day my dad was driving the car after fetching my brother from school. My dad saw something yellowish moving on the road. To his surprise, it was a crawling turtle. They pulled the car over and my brother hopped out to pick the turtle up.

My mum was there too. She said we should take the turtle to the river nearby and let it go free. But that was just the plan. My dad and my brother were so thrilled. They took the turtle home. To pet of course.

The turtle is yellowish and almost white in colour. We decided to call it Bino since then. My dad thought it is an albino one, I said it’s not. I can guess that turtle is a male turtle. Because it has a longer nails. I’m not sure about that actually. But my heart says it is male.

I think Bino belongs to somebody. Maybe he ran away or maybe he was so excited to play with the rain. Then he got lost in the way back home. And we found him on the road. The owner can claim him whenever they want. We'll keep him safe. One resident here encouraged us to take him. He said, Bino might get crashed by car if we don’t take him. We agreed.

We gave him temporary place to live. He share the place with Laura. He is way larger than Laura, our very own turtle. Laura is not female, and Bino is not gay either. Now I’m certain Bino is male because he don’t look like he’s attracted to Laura (^_^)


  1. bnyk la ko jat...hahahah..pandai je ko lau bab bercinta ni...sian bino..xpasai2 ko kata bono is not gay comey a....

  2. mistake...hehehe BINO

  3. @ceLy : A'ah giler =)

  4. @mujahidah-penyayang: Cute..tapi dia nmpak mcm dah tua laa sikit =D

  5. @Fizz Bukhari: Weh..ko igt dia adik bradik tilam Vono ka adoi...hahahah