Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emotionally envy

Well everybody is packing up, making their moves to buses and luggages are all around. I’m one of the girl who helped them carried those. A bit of sad feeling filled the air. Imagining their parents are waiting for them at homes. Everybody looks so happy and eager to go back. I am still here. Doing all sorts of performance’s props and memorizing the script. That’s my responsibility. The only one that I have not completed yet. BEN’s students always go back late every semester.

My desktop picture is a mood-teller, this shows my emotion right now.

Still not felling sleepy. I’m in no mood. I want to play computer game for a couple of hours later. It is sad to see everybody is leaving for raya. I’ll leave Nilai this 30th September. Still not feeling any better when I think about it. Most of the people here are so nice. I will miss them. They taught me a lot about life. They made me see the world wider. They sometimes caused me to cry and get angry. There are a lot of things that we shared together. We stayed up together, we go to class together, we went to laundry together, we ate together, we took shower at the same time, we woke up one another for classes, we reminded each other on solat, we joined the meetings, we worked together and we feel everything that friend felt first.

I hope, time will keep the promises. I hope our love will never die. I hope birds witnessed our faith. I hope prayers tame our hearts. And… Hopefully the water will turn to blood. We’re not in the blood ties friends, but help the water to be thick as blood. Promise me!

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