Thursday, September 8, 2011

I don't tweet but I play games

What game(s) do you play the most?
1. The Sims 3
2. Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA IV)

Why do you play these games?
I’ll be back in campus days away, so I’m going to play these games to my heart’s content. I usually don’t play games in campus, I know I will get carried away. Besides, I feel awkward when my friends gather around just to watch the game I play, that makes me uncomfortable. Best thing to do now is to play these games at home and then forget these games in campus like you never played it before.

Why so serious?
Dude, I love playing computer games more than blogging. Half of my life lives in the games.

What is so interesting about the games?
In Thesims3, I love to customize their outfit the most. I like the part when their children grow up and I love to find out whether or not they look like the father or mother, and I love to look on how these sims do gardening. It is so cute when the mother snuggle their children and how they father tutor them. I love to matchmaking random rich girls with random guys, and they cheat, they break up, they divorce and then die in swimming pool, or in burning house, or starvation. This is so lively.

In GTA4, first of all, I love buying clothes for Niko. Steel a bike or car then recolour them. Travel the town on bike (because bikes are faster than cars). Shoot and ram random people and take their money. When I shoot somebody, their blood will splash out like it so lively violent. When you drunk driving, the police will arrest you and bribe you. Warning this game has adult content. So just play the game, run the missions and don’t do anything else.

Any last words?
I do this just for fun. GTA doesn’t influence me to do crimes. The Sims doesn’t make me feel powerful, because of how I control the sims live their life. One thing for sure, these games make me fatter, believe me. Peace.

p/s: I cheated in most games, I hate to feel stress while playing games. Google up those cheat codes and make yourself happy.


  1. mana nak cri sim 3 kat tenet..nk main gak la..aku bru tau..dh bley mati dlm kolam renang...hahhahaha

  2. sebenarnya, banyak je kat internet, tapi nak download tu kena guna torrent, file dia sgt besar.. download dr CD je laa weh... =]