Monday, November 5, 2012

Musibah brings you back to Allah

I lost my bag last week. Bag contains all my physical requirements and knowledge acquisition aids. Including a pair of shoe. Not to mention, few cookies and chocolate for my family too. I know it is not something anybody can get profit from, but I love my barang2. Some of it is gifts from my mum. I left the bag in a taxi and worst ever, I know nothing about the driver.

This is a musibah. Since this happened, I haven’t given up on it just yet. I really want it back. I keep on praying and hoping that the taxi driver get some kind of instinct to return my bag to my campus, to the guards at main gate or guards in my hostel. Anywhere! Just give it back to me! He knew who I am, he knew I’m a student here. Please, give it back. There’s nothing for you in there.

I believe in certain things and I know that this happened for reasons. As far as I concerned, I’m not seeing any reasons behind this. I thought about what I did recently. Have I wronged somebody in some ways? Or have I steal something or accidentally take something which isn’t mine? I don’t know, I can’t think. This is my first time. I never left anything before my eyes.

Suddenly I remembered. I once said to a friend, “I’m not the kind who left things and forget things easily.”

Is this the reason? I never thought this would become MY reality. This is not what I want. Am I wrong for making that statement? Or maybe it just happen without having any relationship to anything I did? I don’t know, I can’t tell.

Allah is testing me, okay I get that. Nobody is perfect, I get that too. But it makes me think sooooo damn hard. I never meant to say that I’m perfect or not the forgetful kind. I meant no harm. I just said it because I never do something like that before. Not because I want it to happen to me! Aish, I feel so sad and and and and I think I learn something from this.

Now since I've learn something, please just return the bag to me. Okay, I got my lesson already. Please Allah…forgive me. I really want my bag back. =’(

Surah Ibrahim 14:19
...for truly my Lord is He, the Hearer of prayers!

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