Thursday, April 28, 2011

You jugde?

In one fine evening, a group of friends sit facing each other watching a Malay drama on telly…

Ros: Gosh, they shoot this in that university???
Ila: What’s wrong with that?
Ros: Don’t shoot film there, I hate seeing their prideful faces.
Ila: Who are you referring to??
Ros: The students lah! Look at them! Bajet cun je…
Ila: I will behave just like them when I know my face will be in the telly…
Ros: Yes, I would do the same. Look at them now, you don’t see? Some of them wear weird clothes and exaggerating hijab. That doesn’t make them look better they looked ‘over’ instead. The girls, mostly. Same, all of them…
Ila: We got our friends in there.
Ros: Our friends are not like them in the first place. They got culture shock. They change, you don’t think so?
Ila: Yes..true..
Ros: That’s why I hate them. I couldn’t help it. You know, the surrounding itself influenced those good students, changing them into somebody that has no religion. It saddens more when most of them are Malay… It surprises me after I looked at the pictures of my U**'s friend in her FB, she wore tight clothes, her hijab is exaggerating, she socialized a lot.. She wasn’t like that before! She put so many gambar perasan in her FB! Please…
Ila: I got friend there too, she took off her hijab. Changing herself into free-haired girl. Her mother didn’t say a word about it. She like her new lifestyle. I don’t know..
Ros: U**** should make compulsory to their students to wear hijab. All the sins are their responsibilities now.. I know this is not their decision that the students had become like that, but they should encourage, educate and preach their students to know Islam and respect Islam. This is..
Ila: I know…it is sad.. But, I must say you are a bit racist..hahahaha. This is not just happening in U***, it's everywhere even in UIA.
Ros: Weh..I’m not being racist! But I must agree, its everywhere. And, not all U***'s are bad..

p/s: Come on.. I’m not creating a ‘war’ here, I just feel like sharing.. Be open - minded. Those names are not real of course, as usual I created them. But, this conversation is for real. They talked about it and I am apart of it. I was either listening or talking, you guess it. =]

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